Patents addressing bisphenol levels in resins

United States Patent No. 7,682,674 entitled “BADGE- and BPA-free can coating” was issued earlier this year and teaches a substitute for bisphenol containing compositions.  The inventors are Christian Vogt of Bad Bramstedt, Germany; Peter Ambrosi of Husberg, Germany; Beate Ries of Kolln-Reisiek Germany. The inveniton was assigned to W. R. Grace & Co.

US Patent No. 7,662,902 issued earlier this year and is entitled “Phenolic resin with low level of free bisphenol.”  The inventors are Kuen Yuan Hwang of Hsinchu, Tiawan; An Pang Tu of Hsinchu, Tiwan; Chun Hsiung Kao of Hsinchu, Tiwan; and Fang Shian Su of Hsinchu, Taiwan.  The patent discloses a technology having reduced free bisphenol content.  It appears that the invention contemplates the use of the technology on plates.  The applicability of this invention to food container technology is not clear.