EPA loosens planned air pollution standards for boilers

The EPA has set the Clean Air Act Standards for boilers and incinerators at air emission levels lower than previously planned. Affected air pollutants include mercury, soot, and lead. The EPA regulations decrease air emissions at large boilers, small boilers, solid waste incinerators, and sewage sludge incinerators. However, levels of expected pollution reduction will be less than under the EPA standards as originally proposed.

The outcry of industry including boiler and incinerator operators appears to have swayed the EPA and the Obama administration. In one example, The Council of Industrial Boiler Owners strongly urged the EPA to lessen the cost of the proposed air pollution regulation by commissioning a study on how many jobs could be lost under the proposed standards.

The EPA is asking for public input so that it may further revise its air pollution regulations.

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EPA page for relevant emission standards:

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