Link: Nanomaterial Toxicity discussed by Andrew Maynard

Andrew Maynard has a quality post in his blog, 2020 Science, that provides some context to the concept of nanomaterial toxicity.  A more detailed article, in which he is the co-author, is entitled “The New Toxicology of Sophisticated Materials: Nanotoxicology and Beyond”  The abstract lays out fairly clearly what you may expect to gain from reading the article.

“Here, we present a brief overview of the current state of the science on the toxicology of
nanoscale materials, and focus on three emerging toxicology-based challenges presented by sophisticated materials that will become increasingly important over the next fifty years: identifying relevant materials for study, physicochemical characterization and bio-interactions.”

In my view, the article is a quality representation of the challenges society faces with respect to nanomaterials and other “sophisticated materials.”